Ornamental is about a group of Holiday Ornaments and their adventures throughout the year. Cecil and Frank are our main two ornaments and Frank is our newbie, fresh from being made out of salt dough, frosting, and shellac. Cecil is our veteran teddy bear ornament tries in vain to guide Frank into being a proper ornament fit to hang in anyone’s home. Let’s see what these two, and many other ornament friends get into along the way!


Now a word from the creator: Hi, my name’s Melony and this is my very first webcomic. I have been trying for a number of years to get one started but like any other person, life can sometimes get in the way of what you want to accomplish. Well the stars aligned, much was sacrificed in the way of jelly beans & mojo to make this all come to be. Since this is my first official go at this please be patient with me, it’s all a learning experience and this comic and site will most definitely have some changes with time.


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